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Ready to Ride Recommendations 

New bike purchases are different for everyone, sometimes we're upgrading and have collected gear for years (its time to pitch that old chamois).  Other times this is our first bike and we need it all! Or maybe you're just switching gears into a new style of riding. We've got you covered! These are our BEST recommendations and some of our MOST popular products for every ride style!

Ready to go the distance

Ride the Wave - The Specter WaveCel made waves when it was released and continues to be our most popular road helmet. And for good reason! Read all about the technology behind our WaveCel helmets here.

Be Seen - Our go to for any bike that will see time on the roads. Seen from 1 mile away in broad daylight our Flare RT tail light is the best in the business.

Fix a Flat - Everything you need to fix a flat quickly in an easy to grab package. Bontrager Pro Flat Pack is perfect for the jersey pocket.

Ready to Shred

Brain Bucket - The Rally WaveCel has all the features you want from a mountain and looks good doing it!

Carry It - Carry everything you need to get you out of woods in a pinch plus an extra water bottle to boot! The Rapid Pack is a must have for those rides where you need to carry support.

Big Volume - Big tires require big volume and sometimes you just don't want to risk fumbling that precious CO2 when your deep in the back country. Thats why we love the Air Support HV Pro.

Ready for versatility

Look Good - Simplistic style and extra safety points. The Starvos Wavecel is the perfect helmet for charging around town.

Take it Home - Want to hit up the local farmers market, head out for a picnic, or take a growler home from your favorite spot, the MIK Trunk Bag will carry it for you.

Be Prepared - No one likes to walk home. Make sure you always have what you need on the bike with you at all times. The Flat Pack has everything you need.

Good for any rider anytime

Stay Inflated- You will need to air up your tires from time to time even if you haven't gotten a flat. Tires will naturally deflate over time so be sure you're always riding with the recommended pressure. Take the guess work out with our easy to use and read Bontrager Dual Charger Floor Pump.

Be Comfortable - Riding shorts are the best way to provide comfort to any ride. Our chamois can be worn on their own or under your favorite ride gear. Offered in both mens (Velocis) and women's (Meraj) cuts you can be sure to go the distance in comfort. 

Track Your Effort - Track your milestones with our simple to use Ride Time computer. Use it on its own or pair it to your phone via BlueTooth and log your rides with your favorite cycling apps.